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Readings for “A Talented Woman”

McCarter Announcement.jpg

The McCarterLab
McCarter Theatre Center in Princeton, New Jersey
June 27, 2014.

Dramaturg: Emilia LaPenta, McCarter Literary Manager
Producer: Chelsea Adams
Director: Mike Donahue
Stage Manager: Anthony Bullock
Maxie – Patricia Hodges
Victoria – Miriam Silverman
Harmony – Rachel Covey
Greg – David Furr
Peter – Tom Nellis
Christopher – Matt Saldivar


“Best of…” Festival
The Actors Studio in New York, New York
June 16, 2013.

Director: Mirra Bank
Maxie - Penny Fuller (multiple Tony & Emmy nominee and Emmy winner)
Victoria - Dena Tyler
Harmony - Rachel Covey
Greg - Jack Gwaltney
Peter - Jack Davidson
Christopher - Josh Evans