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A Short Play
By Jim Dalglish & Lynda Sturner

A widow and a clerk working the grave-yard shift discover the secret to life might be as obvious as a box hanging on a rack at the local Wallgreen’s.

"I want something that … Oh, God… this is embarrassing… that someone will, you know, like… like.  Do you have a personal favorite?" - Helen

Jim Dalglish and Lynda Sturner


Helen - Early 60s; a widow.  

Perry  - Early 50s; working the nigh shift at Walgreens.


Walgreen’s Drug Store.  Sandusky, Ohio.

Jim Dalglish as Perry and Lynda Sturner as Helen (2015 production during the Provincetown International Women's Theater Festival.)


Tonight; 2 am


18 mins.


Lynda winning her "Oscar" for Best Actress at the Dublin Gay Theatre Festival

Lynda winning her "Oscar" for Best Actress at the Dublin Gay Theatre Festival

Comedy / Drama


Rejoining life; recovering after loss; chronic illness; AIDS; gay issues

Script Completed

Spring 2003; Revised 2015


Chosen for the 2006 Great Plains Theater Festival, Omaha, Nebraska

Production History

International Dublin Gay Theatre Festival
May, 2016 (Full Production)

Provincetown International Women's Theater Festival
October 14 - 17, 2015 (Full Production)

SexTet: 6 plays of love and other disorders
Provincetown Theater Company
7/28/03 - 8/14/03 (Full Production)

Show Video

Lynda Sturner as Helen and Jim Dalglish as Perry appearing in Super-Lubricated (Provincetown International Women's Theater Festival, October, 2015.)

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