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A Short Play
By Jim Dalglish

On December 17, 1927 the USS Paulding rammed the USS S-4 Submarine a quarter mile off Woods End Light near Provincetown, Massachusetts.  The submarine sank to the ocean floor in 100 feet of water.  

Of the 42 mean on board, 6 fled into the torpedo room and managed to survive for four days as emergency crews tried to rescue them.  This is the story of the last hours of the S-4.


  • Seaman Buster Harris - Large, powerful man in his mid forties.
  • Signalman Dewey Victor Haney - Young sailor - early 20s.


Iron hull of the inside of a US submarine, circa 1927 - six to ten feet across and 6 feet high.  NOTE: the “hull” need only be a piece of wall that resembles iron.

Tony Travostino and Michael Eisenstein 

Tony Travostino and Michael Eisenstein 


December 18, 1927


15 mins.


Short play; Two-hander


Duty; loyalty; overcoming fear; male camaraderie; gays in the military; male intimacy  

Acting Class Scenes

Entire play: dialog between two males.

Script Completed


Production History

Fall Playwrights Festival, Provincetown Theater, Provincetown, Massachusetts, 10/30/08 - 11/02/08

Short Play Marathon, Culture Park, New Bedford, Massachusetts 11/2005

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