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Rosa Rugosa

A Short Play
By Jim Dalglish

What could be so difficult about pulling off a last-minute wedding in a quaint Portuguese fishing village on the tip of Cape Cod?  Especially if you’re a Texan beauty pageant winner with an MBA in time management.

"I want something very unique.  So unique it’s never been seen before.  Because that’s what our love is.  Unique." - Krissi



  • Rosa da Rocha - Flower shop owner.  Mid twenties.  A woman who exudes a quiet, natural beauty.
  • Krissi - Strikingly tall Texan with beauty pageant poise and a bit of a twang.  Mid twenties.
  • Sarah - Early thirties.  Rosa’s easy-going flower shop assistant.


Rosa Rugosa’s – the only flower shop in Provincetown, a small Portuguese fishing village on the tip of Cape Cod.


Early spring


10 Minutes


Lighted-hearted comedy about a small town on Cape Cod


Staying true to yourself; coming home.

Acting Class Scenes

Dialog: Two women; first three quarters of the play.

Script Completed


Production History

Provincetown Theatre Company, Provincetown, Massachusetts, 3/28/04- 4/04/04 (Full Production)

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