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A Short Play
By Jim Dalglish

Dan promised his kid he'd make it to Chucky Cheese to celebrate his 5th birthday.  He just has to hunt down an Afghani terrorist first. 

Special Note:

This play was written as part of the Provincetown Theater’s 24-hour Play Festival.  The play was written, rehearsed and performed in front of an audience within 24-hours.  The festival took place in Provincetown, MA on January 26, 2013.



Dan – Late 20’s.
M.J. – Female; early 40s.
Captain – Female; mid-30s.
Colonel – Male; early 60s.


Cramped. container-sized room with two bucket seats side by side.  They are facing the audience.  Complicated joysticks are embedded in the armrests of the seats. A third seat is off to the side.  It is pulled up to a desk.  A keyboard sits on the desk.




16 Minutes


Intense drama


Modern warfare; terrorism; drone program; killing people thousands of miles away. 

Acting Class Scenes

Entire play

Script Completed

January 26, 2013

Production History

Provincetown Theater’s 24-hour Play Festival, January 26, 2013.

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