Unsafe Reviews

The reviews are in for my play Unsafe and they are terrific.  This co-production between Cotuit Center for the Arts and Boston Public Works ran from March 15 - April 30, 2016. 

Excerpts are included below...

"Unsafe is powerful, relentless, and unsettling... As for (Anna) Botsford, it is impossible to take your eyes of her as Lisa struggles to act as if life could ever be normal again. Her long, slow, slide into decompensation is done gradually and masterfully, until she explodes with one of the most raw catharses I have witnessed. Her performance is painful to experience, and entirely authentic." 
Nancy Grossman, Broadway World
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“…raw and lovely and exquisitely written and acted… Jim Dalglish directs his play with relentless efficiency, bringing his vision to riveting life… a powerful evening of theater. Be brave. Check it out.”
Kilian Melloy, Edge Media Boston
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"The play’s structure is brilliantly conceived, with fantastical sequences and elements blending in with the action... It is rich with metaphor, drama, high action and pathos. This is an ambitious, intelligent and intriguing evening of theater.... A word about the acting: superb."
Carol Panasci, Cape Cod Times
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“Unsafe packs a powerful punch… Jim Dalglish has written a piece that can’t fail to move you…”  
Joanne Briana-Gartner, The Enterprise
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"You ever have one of those moments when you spontaneously start crying and you’re not entirely sure why or where it came from? That’s how I felt after watching Unsafe... Elliot Sicard as Will was so emotionally committed to telling this story that I immediately recognized a piece of myself in his character. The love that he portrayed for Georgie was genuine and devastatingly beautiful all at once. Anna Botsford as the haunted Lisa delivered a fantastic performance, but reached new levels of raw, psychological unraveling during the show’s second act that my heart broke for her character. And Michelle Pelletier as grandmother Yvonne was sharp in her comedic timing and knew how to command the attention, drawing out a number of laughs but then bringing us to our knees during the show’s devastating conclusion...it made me feel, it made me cry, and I felt like I had witnessed raw emotion. Yes, it was lengthy, but perhaps this is all we should ever expect art to accomplish."
- Travis Manni, NE Theatre Geek
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"Dalglish has pulled off a remarkable feat, taking something we all feel we've survived and assimilated, and making the ultimate reveal, namely that we have all been forever changed and, denial aside, we now must be wary, vigilant and, if not precisely unsafe, at least unsettled. This playwright saw something, and said something... Tsourides is amazingly believable for such a young performer. Not since "The Miracle Worker" has a play depended so profoundly on the skill of a child actor." 
-Jack Craib, South Shore Critic
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