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A Comedy / Drama
By Jim Dalglish

Mia, a recent transplant to Manhattan is having problems with her puppy. Or is it the other way around?  
This is the first act of Bark Park: life from both ends of the lead. It can be performed independently.  The other play is Truman.

Anna Botsford as Mia


"Jim Dalglish’s wonderful two-act play explored the complex relationship between people and their dogs from both the human and canine perspectives." Kathi Scrizzi Driscoll,  Our Favorite Theater of the YearCape Cod Times

 "That Dalglish can touch on such universal themes is a testament to his talent. “Bark Park” is an entertaining, insightful, and deeply moving theatrical experience." - Paul Babin, s: Dogs, Owners Speak their Minds in Bark ParkCape Cod Times

"The play is poignant and touching and holds together as an endearing piece." - John Watters, Bark Park is a Doggone Good PlayBarnstable Patriot.


Mia – Beautiful, ambitious woman in her late twenties, early thirties. She has come to New York on a mission.
Mike – The “Mayor” of the dog run near Strawberry Fields in Central Park. A man who has lived in New York for 20 years. Though quite gregarious with strangers, he keeps his personal problems to himself.

Anna Botsford as Mia; Elliot Sicard as Mike


Place - A dog run in Central Park.  Not too far from “Strawberry Fields.”  
Time - Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall of this year.

Scenic Design

No Set. An open stage with subtle lighting cues will suffice.


35 mins.


Comedy / Drama


Freedom vs. Responsibility; the strange relationship between humans and their “pets.”

Script Completed

Spring 2014

Production History

Cotuit Center for the Arts
Bark Park: August 2014
Mia – Anna Botsford; Mike/Jimmy – Elliot Sicard; Truman – Tony Travostino; Director – Jim Dalglish

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