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A Short Christmas Play
By Jim Dalglish

It’s Christmas Eve and Pete, the family patriarch, has gone missing.  Why would anyone not want to be with their loving family during such an important time of the year? 

"I haven’t spoken to him since your mother’s funeral when I gave him that pamphlet on the Hemlock Society.  It seemed to calm him down." - Aunt Velvet
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  • Terry - Woman, mid 30s  
  • Mary - Terry’s older sister
  • Luke - Mary’s husband
  • Larry - Terry & Mary’s brother
  • Harmony - Terry’s sister-in-law
  • Aunt Velvet - Early 70s
  • Barry - Youngest brother
  • Sam - Barry’s life partner
  • Pete - Terry, Mary, Larry and Barry’s father


Seattle, Nashville, Sedona, Milwaukee, Westport, New York City, Bitterroot Mountains


Christmas Eve


15 mins.


Comedy/drama; Christmas Play 


Family; Family values; the holidays; loneliness; male bonding.

Script Completed

Spring 2004

Production History

Provincetown Theatre Company, 12/12/2004 - 12/20/2004 (Full Production)

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