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Daughter of the Regiment

Monologue/Short Play
By Jim Dalglish

Its Billy’s first day at a new school - a private military academy. Now if only his mother could get him out of the limousine.

"Ritalin. But you don't have to tell that to your new friends. Just say it's a special vitamin." - Mother



  • Mother - Late twenties or early forties.  Southern with a great deal of pageant poise.  


Limousine on its way to a private military school in the suburbs of Maryland

Panelist Choice Award, Last Frontier Theater Conference, 2002.

Panelist Choice Award, Last Frontier Theater Conference, 2002.



Scenic Elements

Two chairs that suggest the front seat of a limousine.  Purse and Army staff officer cap rest on the stage right chair.  Vintage 1970s two-way radio/phone is on stand between chairs.


10 Minutes


Dramatic Monologue


The self-perpetuating nature of America’s war machine.

Script Completed

Summer 2001


Panelist Choice Award Last Frontier Theater Festival, 2002. 

Acting Class Scenes:

Monolog: woman late twenties/early thirties

Production History:

Reading: Playwrights for Pets, New York, 10/15/07

Full Production:  Provincetown Theatre Company/Narrowland Arts, Massachusetts, 8/09/02- 9/29/02

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