Dark Tales Told on a Cold Autumn Eve
Audition Information


About the Play:

Dark Tales Told on a Cold Autumn Eve, a new play written and directed by Jim Dalglish.

Every autumn during a full moon, Sam lights a fire in the hearth of his old, abandoned tavern deep in the woods of Great Island. It’s a signal for the lost and forgotten souls of Cape Cod to emerge from the shadows to share their tales.

A collection of original stories - mysterious and haunting - of the supernatural world of Cape Cod. Written by the author of CCftA favorites “Lines in the Sand,” “Unsafe,” and “Bark Park.”

A perfect Halloween outing for adults with a taste for the macabre.

Production Info:

The Black Box Theater
Cotuit Center for the Arts
Cotuit, Massachusetts (Cape Cod)
October 11 - 28, 2018
Thursday-Saturday at 7:30pm, Sunday at 2:00pm

Rehearsal Info:

Rehearsals will begin in late August, 2018. They will be a combination of online and in-person rehearsals. In-person rehearsals will take place at the Cotuit Center for the Arts.


This is a non-Equity show in which participants will share in any net revenue generated by the production.

Audition Info:

Auditions will be held online. Email Jim Dalglish at jimdalglish@mac.com to express interest and make arrangements.  To audition online, you must have a computer connected to the internet or a smart phone. Zoom software will be used.  Sides are provided below.


Sam -  Owner of the Samuel Smith Tavern. A man you would naturally tell your deepest secrets.  (40s - 60s)

Fisherman - An old salt who has seen everything and knows everyone. (50s - 70s)

Maria - A good-humored woman and natural storyteller. (30s - 60s)

Bicyclist - An artist who works as a cater waiter to support his artistic endeavors. (30s - 50s)

May - A young woman who feels trapped. She’d give anything to break out of her rut and see the world. (Early 20s)

Elliot - A fledgling architect and devoted father. This is his first family vacation to the Cape. (30s - 40s)

Dale - A free spirit who “roughs” it on the Cape every summer to earn enough money to survive the winter. (Mid 20s - 30s)

Madame X -  The wife of a hedge fund manager. She owns homes in Nantucket and Greenwich. She’s trying to get her foundation off the ground. (40s - 50s)


Place - Sam Smith’s Tavern, Great Island, Wellfleet, Cape Cod

Time - Autumn (Full Hunter Moon) 

Audition Sides:

To view sides/script samples for auditions, email Jim Dalglish.