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Consequences and Their Side Effects 

A One-Act Play
By Jim Dalglish

Could a relationship that begins in the shower room of an ivy-league gym have any chance of succeeding?

"That evening I felt like I had peered over the edge and into something immense.  Something real.  I had never felt that in my entire life." - Jack


  • Jack - Attractive thirty-year-old man.  
  • William - Very attractive twenty-six-year-old man. 
  • Rodney - Loquacious man late thirties.


Malkin Athletic Center, Harvard; Massachusetts Ave.; The Middle East Cafe; The Copley Plaza Hotel; William’s Apartment


June 23-26, 1989


30 mins.


Contemporary comedy drama 


Gay male relationships; love; dealing with illness; taking chances; AIDS.

Acting Class Scenes

Dialog: Jack and William; pp. 20-30 (removing the Rodney portions.)

Script Completed

Summer 2001

Production History

Provincetown Theatre Company/Narrowland Arts, Provincetown, Massachusetts, 3/28/03- 4/14/03 (Reading)

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