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A Little Off the Top and Sides   

A One-Act Play
By Jim Dalglish

When an eight-year-old brat, a middle-aged man, and a retired professor visit an old-fashioned barber shop in Harvard Square, they get more than just haircuts. 

"If you and your friends stick together, you'll beat David Osowski no matter how scared of him you are."  - George


  • Jonathan - Seven-year-old boy who does not want to get his hair cut.
  • Jonathan’s Mother - Educated, liberal, upper-middle-class Cambridge woman.
  • Tony - Twenty-year-old barber.  Has tattoes and a pierced eyebrow.  Son of George.
  • George - Fifty-year-old barber.  Father of Tony.  Co-owns barbershop with Vasilius.
  • Dr. Marius - Seventy-year-old Professor Emeritus at Harvard University.  Has been George’s customer for thirty years.
  • Vasilius - Fifty-five-year-old barber.  Speaks with a Greek accent.  Co-owns barbershop with George.
  • Jack - Man in his mid thirties.


Old-fashioned barbershop in Harvard Square, Cambridge, Massachusetts.




24 mins.


Emotionally compelling contemporary drama. 


The three phases of men’s lives -- youth, middle-age, and aged; Gay issues; Fathers; losing a loved one; masculinity; overcoming fear; camaraderie; AIDS.

Acting Class Scenes

Entire play:  dialog between two young to middle-aged men.

Script Completed

Spring 2000

Production History

Provincetown Theatre Company, Massachusetts, 5/28/2000. Full Production

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